What does a boy is penis taste like? Shared by someone who used to suck her boyfriend is cock

What does a boy is penis taste like? Shared by someone who used to suck her boyfriend is cock

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There is no denying that a guy is penis is very attractive. The trend of people liking blowjobs is increasing and even guys these days are gradually turning to liking blowjobs instead of loving women is pussy!

Many people like to suck cock but do not have a cock to suck. That is why they always wonder what a boy is penis tastes like, is it as delicious as sausage?

The article below will summarize many people is feelings about the taste of their penis after enjoying their boyfriend is penis:

When I suck my boyfriend is cock, it tastes bitter and salty. He washes it every day when we shower together and I always suck his cock like he told me. We always sleep naked and I squeezed his penis while he sucked my nipples and rubbed them and fingered my vagina. He liked my ass.

"It tastes great if you like a guy. I am the type to vomit easily. However, I love sucking my boyfriend is cock. It is my pleasure. I suggested he suck my cock himself." me." On the other hand, I can not imagine sucking someone else is cock. Sounds dirty to me. One time I did it with another guy and I did not like the taste, I guess because I did not like that guy. In short, I like the taste of cock because if I love that guy.”

"Every time I pee! I usually wipe the glans clean with a wet towel before sucking his cock. Sometimes, especially if he is really aroused, it smells like sex. The smell is hard to describe." . , it is a mixture of salty sweat smell and I would not wash my penis if it smelled like that.”

"Even if the guy is clean and has no smell, it is still an olfactory stimulus for me. I believe there are pheromones or hormones secreted. When I hold it in my mouth and breathe through my nose, my mind My condition will change from bad to Good."

"I have only tasted 3 different flavors in my entire life. All 3 owners were meticulously cleaned, in fact their maggots had no taste at all. Semen? I have never tasted any of the second brother is flavors First, the second guy is does not really have any noticeable flavor, and the third guy is a bit sweet."

"The penis is covered by skin, just like the rest of the body. The taste of the skin depends on factors such as the amount of sweat and the last time it was washed. Most of the sense of smell is the sense of smell that is involved." to the sense of smell, so although sweat may taste salty, its smell has more to do with the smell of it. Most areas of your skin come into contact with a little bit of urine, and that can add up tastes like a penis. is close to your anus and can add odor and taste to the penis."

"So, to get that typical penis taste, put a drop of urine on your arm, rub it all over your arm, let it dry. Rub your finger down your butt crack, then rub it on your arm. Let it dry. It is dry. . Work hard and sweat. Skip your shower. Now, if you are a man, you will know why Not everyone wants to suck your dick..."


“Every time I lick my boyfriend is balls, I think of the three gerbils I raised as a child until one night they escaped. My man smells like my pet is cage and you might think that would bother me but it does not. Are you sure you are in love? ”- Sandra, 21 years old

Those are some quite interesting shares shared by guys and girls who have sucked their boyfriend is cock. Hope you will also find yourself a rooster to enjoy the taste of chicken every day!

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