What does anal masturbation feel like? Find out from men who have tried it

What does anal masturbation feel like? Find out from men who have tried it

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Anal masturbation is one of the most popular forms of releasing sexual desire today. So what is so interesting about satisfying anal desires and what does it feel like? Let is find out through this article!

People develop and so does sex. To meet increasing sexual needs, people have found many ways to achieve orgasm during sex, including anal masturbation.

The feeling of someone masturbating anally for the first time

Surely there will be many people wondering "how can they do this?" after the first attempt to insert something into the anus!. Most of us will feel very uncomfortable and painful, even bleeding when trying to perform this movement.

There are many people who give up after the first time because they dont feel "HAPPY" but instead feel pain and discomfort. But there are also many people who continue to experience this feeling because they think "if other people can do it, so can I!".

Consequences of improper anal masturbation

Anal masturbation, if done incorrectly, can lead to tearing, scratching of the anus, and even bleeding. At this time we will feel a burning and uncomfortable feeling. Especially when defecating will be extremely painful. It took up to 2 days for the wound to heal and no longer hurt.

How to properly anal masturbate for beginners

To be able to insert a foreign object into the anus for beginners, the only way is to use lubricant, it cannot be done naturally. When it comes to lubricating oil, many people immediately think of cooking oil or something viscous that is available in the house for temporary use. But sincere advice for everyone, to have an orgasm without pain or discomfort, buy yourself a bottle of lubricating gel on Shopper or Lazada because it is quite cheap and not expensive.

Regarding inserting objects into the anus, I think at first we should just use our fingers to get used to it. Then we will gradually upgrade the size to get a better feel for other items

After getting used to the fingers and ears (but really at this point we still dont feel happy and still feel uncomfortable). Thats right, thats also the reason why girls often like guys with big penises!. We have to find a larger object instead of a finger. Usually, when many people have their own room or live alone, they will buy a dildo to get the most realistic feeling. In Vietnam, there are many places that sell dildos, but the prices are often very expensive, from 300k or more. For those of you who dont have much money, you can order on Aliexpress (this must be called a sex toy paradise, guys).

Aliexpress sells a variety of dildos in various shapes and sizes. If you are afraid your family will find out you are having an affair, you can also buy a penis shaped like a cucumber or banana. The selling price here is quite cheap, ranging from a few tens of thousands or more and depends on the product size. However, there is a downside to buying on Aliexpress: the delivery time will be quite long (about 1 month) and you must have a bank card to pay.

Its okay for those who are shy or can not afford to buy a dildo. There is a very familiar thing that everyone seems to use for anal masturbation, which is cucumber.

Honestly, it seems like cucumbers were born to be friends with our anus, everyone! both cheap and effective. However, a cucumber cannot be used multiple times because it will wilt and feel harder and more uncomfortable than a dildo. But its okay it can still make us climax!

When buying a dildo or cucumber at the supermarket, you must choose a size that fits the anus, not too small and not too large. If its too small, you wont feel pleasure or climax, and if its too big, it can easily tear the anus, causing bleeding and pain.

Instructions on how to perform anal masturbation

First, we will use lubricating gel to apply to the anus, then use our hands to spread it around the anus and then insert our fingers inside the anus to let the gel penetrate inside. Then we will apply the gel to the head and then the shaft of the penis

Next we will slowly insert the penis inside the anus. At first, when inserting the penis into the anus, it will feel quite tight because the anus is not yet elastic. But once we put the penis inside, we will no longer feel deprived but instead will feel uncomfortable.

Next, we slowly insert the penis INTO the anus so that the anus is dilated. We then start making faster IN AND OUT movements to create stronger friction

At this time, the feeling of discomfort gradually turns into a feeling of excitement. The faster you move IN AND OUT, the more exciting it becomes.

How to masturbate anally for orgasm and orgasm

When inserting the penis into the anus is too easy, we will upgrade the dildo or cucumber to be a bit larger but still able to insert into the anus. The larger the penis, the greater the friction and the more pleasure it creates

A really great feeling a guy will get from combining both anal and manual masturbation. The faster we masturbate the anus and penis until ejaculation, the feeling will be very explosive as if we have just ejaculated all the semen outside and that feeling is very similar to the first ejaculation of a boy. when entering puberty

When we reach this orgasm, we become addicted to anal masturbation because it feels so good!

Hopefully these interesting shares will help everyone be more confident on their own path of adultery when conquering new feelings🤭

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